19th / 20th October 2023

5* Sunborn Yacht Hotel, Ocean Village, Gibraltar


Gibraltar is now firmly established as one of the leading crypto centres in the world.

From implementing the world’s first DLT regulatory framework in 2017 through issuing the first full crypto banking license to introducing new principles to protect against market manipulation just weeks ago, Gibraltar has consistently been at the vanguard of the crypto movement. It is now home to some of the biggest crypto organisations in the world and ranks as the number one jurisdiction in Europe for crypto funds.

Crypto Gibraltar 2021 was the very first crypto event following the pandemic and the 2022 Festival built on that with an amazing array of speakers in a purpose-built crypto village.

For 2023, Crypto Gibraltar will return to the 5* Sunborn Yacht Hotel for what will be Europe’s premier forum for the leaders of the crypto business community.

The invitation-only event will deliver productive, curated networking through a series of stage sessions and round table discussions as well as dinners on both the Thursday and Friday evenings and a closing party in St Michael’s Cave inside the Rock of Gibraltar.

To finish off, we will be hosting the Crypto Gibraltar Golf Masters on Saturday 21st October. For non-golfers there will be a full day of organised activities exploring everything that Gibraltar has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Thursday 19th October 2023

  • Evening Dinner at Europa Point overlooking the strait of Gibraltar.
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Friday 20th October 2023

  • 10.00 – 13.00: Conference Sessions. Sunborn Yacht Hotel.
  • 13.00 – 14.30: Lunch. Ocean Village.
  • 14.30 – 17.30: Round-Table Discussions.
  • 18.00 – 19.00: Drinks Reception.
  • 19.30 – 21.00: Dinner. Mons Calpe Suite – Top of the Rock .
  • 21.00 – 24.00: Closing Reception.  Viceroy – Ocean Village.
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Saturday 21st October 2023

  • Crypto Gibraltar Masters Golf Tournament
  • Recreational Activities Gibraltar
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UK Flight Options

Flights from UK Thursday 19th October 
  • London Gatwick: 06.35 – 11.00. Easyjet.
  • Manchester:: 06.15 – 10.20. Easyjet .
  • Bristol: 06.35 – 10.15. Easyjet.
  • London Heathrow: 06.50 – 10.55. British Airways.
Flights to UK Saturday 21st October   
  • Manchester: 11.00 – 13.10. Easyjet.
  • London Heathrow: 11.20 – 13.10. British Airways.
  • London Gatwick: 12..20 – 14.15. Easyjet.
  • London Heathrow: 12.50 – 14.40. British Airways.
  • London Gatwick: 13.15 – 15.15.  Easyjet.
Flights from UK Friday 20th October 
  • Manchester 06.20 – 10.25. Easyjet.
  • London Gatwick:  06.25 – 10.25. Easyjet.
  • London Heathrow: 07.05 – 11.00. British Airways.
  • London Heathrow: 10.15 – 14.10. British Airways.
  • London Gatwick: 16.35 – 20.30. Easyjet.
Flights to UK Sunday 22nd October   
  • Bristol: 1035 – 12.25. Easyjet.
  • Manchester: 11.00 – 13.10. Easyjet.
  • London Gatwick: 11..55 – 13.50 Easyjet.
  • London Heathrow: 12.05 – 13.55. British Airways.
  • London Heathrow: 15.55 – 17.45. British Airways.
  • London Gatwick: 20.55 – 22.45.  Easyjet.

2023 Attendees To Date

Dr Lisa Cameron MP

Chairperson Crypto All-Party Group

Albert Isola

Minister - Digital & Financial Services

Thomas Restout


Adriano Bertini

Head of Strategy - Ledger Enterprise

Sam Buxton


Dima Kats

CEO - Clear Junction

Haydn Jones

Global Blockchain Lead - Kroll

Pierre Samaties

Partner - Roland Berger

Mel Tsiaprazis

CGO - Tradeblock

Morten Juul

Partner - Walker Labs

Brendan Beeken

Founder - Moniverse Fintech Group

Mateusz Kara

CEO - Ari10

Paul Sisnett

CEO / Founder

Jason Meyers

Lead Architect - Auditchain

Mark Robinson

UK & EU Solutions Lead, Superscript

Mark Hipperson

Founder & Chairman Ziglu

Hannah Loset

Head of Strategy - ETT-Global

Gregory Butcher

Founder, Montagne Jeunesse

Jillian Godsil


Joey Garcia

Director, Xapo Bank

Monica Nguyen

Director - EU Tech Chamber

Aaron Payas

Partner, Hassans

Jon Matonis

Chief Economist , Cypherpunk

Bart Lalek

CEO - Leotus

Targ Patience

Chairman GANT

Daniel Maschtovsky

Co-Founder, Token Ventures

John Cronin

CEO, Zodia Custody

Dan Miles

Co-Founder, Sibylline

Samuel Rondot

MD Damex Business

Anthony Provasoli

Partner, Hassans

Tom Davies

Co-Founder, Sibylline

James Oton

Director - LIS Ltd

Emily Landis-Walker

CEO - Landis & Co

Scott KcKim

Co-Founder / COO,

Vikram Nagrani

Partner, Hassans

Paul Astengo

Senior Executive - Gibraltar Finance

Maison Cockram

Head of Operations, Chainergy

Nick Cooke

Director - Aquanow

The Venue

5* Sunborn Yacht Hotel, Ocean Village Gibraltar

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